Passporter is a lifestyle brand
for people that love fashion accessories and traveling.

Why Passporter?

It combines “passport” and ” prêt-à-porter” (french: ready to wear).  We want you to be ready to wear the world with us.

My love affair with different cultures is something that started at a very young age. I was always fascinated to understand how other people lived, what they ate and traditions they followed. With very little money, but a lot of determination, I have now seen over 30 countries and lived in a few. During my travels, I could never afford to buy clothes so I started buying fashion accessories as a memory of my trip. Whether you are browsing the site or wearing the items, my goal is to create a shopping experience where you feel transported into that country. I’m thrilled to share my excitement for exploring the world through design.

Passporter values input from like minded individuals. Please email us with any suggestions, feedback or opportunities to be a guest writer!